RightNow Consulting

System Administration

RightNow is a sand-pit type environment out of the box with the ultimate flexibility in system functionality available to the System Administrator to set Users, User Groups, Security Profiles, Navigation Sets etc. The order in which the set-up tasks are completed is critical, as is access to the testing environment to allow limited release to pre-production progress.

Customer Web Portal

The Customer Service Web Portal is the customizable multi-channel environment your customers will access with any device with Internet access to search for answers to their questions and/or log service issues. This web space can be modified to become an adjunct of your own web site look and feel, and will be seemlessly accessed by customers without any knowledge that they have moved from your primary domain.

Creating/Maintaining Business Rules

Business rules within RightNow allow the simplification and automation of common business tasks. This provides far greater productivity for CSR’s by automating incidents and support requests routing to the most appropriate CSR’s.

Desktop Workflows and Scripting

RightNow has the capability of establishing Workflow rules for CSR’s or other Administrative staff involved in Customer Service so that certain Customer Service issues can be dealt with in ¬†a prescriptive and¬†repetitive way.

Dynamic CSR Desktops

One of the key differentiators of RightNow Service Automation solution is its ability to build dynamic CSR desktops based on the type of customer service incident that is detected by the system. RightNow can dynamically enact workflow and desktop rules based on the pre-defined incident procedure.





A powerful feature of RightNow is the amazing report writing capabilities to provide you with all the metrics you need to help you monitor and optimise your entire customer service function.

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