Customer Experience Improvement Consultants

MI Consulting are Customer Experience Improvement specialists. If your business is primarily selling products to consumers, or is a service-based business with large volume of customer interactions, the chances are that our expertise will help you become more effective and efficient.

Independent research shows that customer experience management by our major consumer service providers is far less than satisfactory. With the cost of good customer service escalating at a rapid rate, it is time for Australian business leaders to step up to the plate and provide the foundation for improved customer satisfaction scores.

With the use of Social Media booming, especially in our younger generations, your customers are relaying their poor customer service experiences faster and more effectively than ever before, so there is no better time than right now to lift your customer service game with a customer service automation solution designed to improve customer experiences. MI Consulting technologies and services can monitor all social media channels and escalate any issues immediately to your Customer Service Knowledge Base and CSR’s for attention.

Poor service experiences are expensive

Do you know what your customers are saying about you?

Do you have control over your customer experiences?

Do you monitor social media for good customer service experiences?

The above statistics from a comprehensive survey by Harris Interactive show just how expensive poor customer experience management can be.

At MI Consulting, we focus on using customer experience automation technology to assist you monitor, understand and control how your customers really feel about your business.

Would you like to increase sales?

Look no further than your customers for a great source of sales opportunities at the lowest cost possible.

The cheapest sale are those recommnded by happy customers

Who says good customer service is too expensive?

Do you know how much poor customer experiences  can cost you?

From the same survey, these results show clearly how highly customer service is rated by customers themselves.

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